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Hi, thanks for visiting! I am an artist, educator, and dad, and also alien, from Houston, who moved to Austin after everybody kept telling me I reminded them of Austin, or they saw someone who looked like me in Austin, and when I stayed here for a few months in ‘93 I liked it but moved away because my allergies went haywire… happy to report that although I did have massive reactions after I moved back here in ‘03, like my eyes literally swelling up til I couldn’t see during cedar fever season, I am now, only by the grace of God, allergy free! Takes a few years to get used to, so don’t despair if this happens to you. Maybe it is like psychology, you just push on through with a brave heart and things get better eventually!

This is a stock image. It doesn’t look much like my work. But I love it so.

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Jk, this site is found, and is friendly!

PS I don’t speak code… yet, having eschewed technology for a hippie-sequel art and music based Luddite lifestyle. And so it is with great difficulty that I am struggling to learn AdobeCC at the moment so that I can adapt to 21stC life. My experiences include participating in helping to raise four children, creating artworks in a variety of media, exploring songs and rhythms from a variety of traditional cultures, and spending as much time as possible in Austin’s great outdoors!

After many teaching years, I have decided to devote myself to art creation. I am currently acquiring digital skills in order to become a freelance artist, illustrator and/or graphic designer, despite my difficulties dealing with the social realm, so we’ll see if I can’t just make a go of it from here, in my happy little home. Join me in my weird and wonderful journey through this thing called life, and I promise you will at least find something different to see here on the site.

Soon I will be uploading my own… unusual artworks to this page, so please check back for visual delights, and I hope at that time I can help you connect with your inner alien!

Now, please enjoy the included stock images, courtesy of Adobe, while I prep my site for 3… 2… 1… launch! (Stardate September 2021)

Get Free Y’all

Travel, culture, play, all so important for humans. I tend toward the more “free range” approach to kids. I wasn’t really encouraged to be seen or heard, so I love it that education has changed to encourage exploration, getting in touch with your emotions and social actions, and working together. I hope it will lead to a more reflective, connected culture… as long as we can improve in the area of putting away the distracting devices more of the time, of course!

and get small y’all

Looking inside, how far can you see? Tell me what you see, please, have you seen aliens like me? The inner web, traveled by microtubules from scene to scene to scene, wherever you redirect your attention, you jump like electricity in the brain, traveling through with buried memories bombarding and shaping the present, each scene reflecting every other scene and influencing each other, and what’s there at the end of the tunnel of perception? The same or different? I have often been stuck in a revolving door, but I am seeing hope that spiraling up is all we can do, until we don’t.

OK, I’m ready to go!

But while I’m here, I may as well rant, but maybe you don’t want to think that much about the state of human life in the future, because… maybe you don’t have descendants, but hey, we could save, you know, some (X) amount of nature so when the aliens do get here, at least we have something to show off. Go Natural Baby Yeah! Huh! Yop!

Preserve Nature

I find nature in all it’s forms inspiring, and more often it’s the gnarled, shredded, dying stuff that catches my eye. How bout you? Nature reveals visions known and those only hinted at by scientific research, our window into new and often ignored or trivialized alternative perspectives.

Do you search for worlds within our own, complex and varied and similar and related, influencing us and each other… their own space, and in our spaces, in real life, and through our manually and digitally expanded worldviews in artworks. What’s real or not, where does the field of perception end, do some see further through it than others? Is fantasy Important for you? For me, I couldn’t be versed in the real of genetics and training, not ever oriented in the direction of other people or the physical, the sensing without seeing the entire spectrum, I find a lot of convincing arguments on both sides of most issues, and need good familial and familiar relationships, but real ones, to grow, together but since i introvert, I tend to lose myself, then excuse myself to regroup, resulting in missing out on lots of relationship building time. I am so thankful to family and friends who kept after me, maybe they can relate to a communication breakdown or just take pity on me, whatevs, whoever said a social network was important? Oh right, what, et tu, brute?

Neither here nor there, they used to say, but now it’s more like here and there, at the same time, only existing for us as one or the other once made real by our perception… a world of possibility!

Can you hear the waves crashing and wind blowing, now you see the lightning light sent to you, the flash theater lasted a second but goes on now through the eyes on a screen and a screen and a tower and an atmosphere to the satellite back through the atmosphere and off the tower and lit from the screen into your waiting eyes, reprocessed. This lightning’s been looked at so many times by people, reflected in each other’s eyes like so many more times before recording light through a lens was standard practice. So many reflections and digitized recreations, connected on neural level vs how many died out unaccessed by the human, does our perception change reality? As we know, it certainly does, but here at the beach, the storm threatens, do you feel the escalating tension, and do you have the choice to perceive it differently? Not when you are in the whirlwind, not in the throes, you are buffeted by it. Can’t stop to take a snapshot, some peoples’ lives rolling away like tumbleweeds

Ice rainbow reinterprets nature fluidly

Oh yes, and while we are at it, Preserve Culture, too

I loved climbing the stacks of architecture in beautiful Guanajuato, Mexico. Shared public spaces are the hubs of society… even if it is a strip mall… but does it really have to be a strip mall? The tradition of tree and storefront lined avenues, with living spaces atop one-story shops and studios, preserves and contributes to culture in much of the world. Imagine WalMart if it tried to house product creators in the upper floors… might be a bit top heavy? Viva freakin Mexico! Too bad about them borders. We don’t need no stinking borders! Or loud mouth lotus eaters like me, so shall we moveon?

and people, and animals, and aliens, and everything in between.

Basking, with new cleaning power, specially formulated sun beams!

Well, actually, I said I was using stock images, but a few of those images are my own (the flowers, ice rainbow, Mexican plaza, and dog, our sweet dog, Willah). Couldn’t help it!

A full launch with fries and a drink will be available soon, so if enjoyed the ideas presented, please comment and/or check back with shaddockcreative.com next month. Nanu nanu y namaste