Shaddock Creative

and/or: onward into the void

people make, sell, and buy nice things

Pen/charcoal/pastel/chalk/watercolor/tempera/acrylic on paper/canvas

Procreate/Adobe Illustrator/PhotoShop/LightRoom/InDesign

Pencil/crayon/pastel/marker/ink/paper/tempera/acrylic on paper or canvas, imported/edited/altered in Adobe CC

Filters: Ice sheet/icicle/watermelon/dirty windows

Capture: DSLR/iPhone13Pro/Samsung Note8

Edit: PhotoShop/LightRoom/iOS/PhotoshopExpress

Slab-built/coil-built/wheel-thrown/altered sculpture and pottery


LISTEN NOW! My study has shown that flowing through ears deepens understanding of themes and ideas expressed herein. Unfortunately, if you don’t have Spotify, you just get snippets!


I encourage all to draw, paint, smoosh, mold, model, slice, sew, trim, join, weave, throw, write, think up great theories… something, anything, and try be too judgy with the product. Just enjoy the process, notice what you would like to do with what you have, and if you can’t save it, try something else, or make another! …then try again, the same way, or differently, and enjoy that.

10,000 teacups is a lot of attempts

It’s how we learn and it’s good for you!

elevator loading music

If I say the above is a painting in blue, black, and white of kids on the playground painting paintings in blue, black and white of kids painting paintings in blue, black and white, does that either annoy you, remind you of Monty Python, make you think of 3D chess, or could care less?

Hi, do you like annoying things? here is one, in which I go off on the most important of trivial matters. Please feel free to escape and write me nasty emails about the fact that I want to be a cloud… that’s

Is it actually contrast or is it a trick to make something hard to read?

Actual monochromatic tempera painting of actual students actually painting actual monochromatic tempera paintings like this one that actually I added a little purple so actually it is not, strictly speaking, an actual monochromatic painting but rather actually a duochromatic paiting.

However, it was actually created with actual horse hairs bound in an actual metal ferrule actually bent around an actual stick of wood from a tree and we are painting water and ground up plants and rocks and smearing it across sheets of compressed tree and plant fiber and then there’s the paint and how it actually got its color, by this somewhere/spectromatic/DYnoMITE/ADDinattentive/asbergers/autistic/artistic/hermit/weirdo/student/teacher/neurodivergent representing and speaking for themselves, with me actually being me and all that comes with that, actual, and imagined, actually. Hmm but for me we are all “on the spectrum”… which one? Actually, all of them, more or less patriotism, more or less nationalism, more or less focus on details, more or less good with money, more or less interested in esoterica, trivia, ideas, people, or pets, more or less in a family, without kids or with, married, not, in between; in a relationship, or more or less sleeping around, or just sleeping in, or up at dawn like the rooster.

Outgoing or stuck in your head? Either way is it ok depends on where your spectrums come together, as the Big 5 Personality tests show us.

5 traits and who knows how many more that just haven’t registered on the spectrums that psychology operates within…I always assume there is more. There’s more to the story, the boxes are always being rearranged, who forgot the labels, I thought I put Einstein’s brain around here somewhere, did you see the part about…

So it’s like art class and life – we just mix the paints, recreate life or just be present in it and present in the choice of color, perspective, value, interpretation, inspiration, force of execution, viscosity of the paint, control of the stray hairs, layering tints and shades on the brush, is this color too dark for the part where the unknown resides, getting ridiculous in the variations offered in the digital realm, the unseen arises, going deep into the physical, mental, and spiritual, disinfecting the wounds, reanimating the dead, discovering the secrets, putting together the plan,

and last but not least since we’ve been doin it the whole time automatically, now we can turn off the autopilot and fly

as long as we align envisioning with authentic adherence to your inner child’s needs,

and from that see how we can fulfill the needs of others

because we did not forget that what comes around, goes around, right?

Start where you like, just try black and white, and the color you feel like,

Mix tints for highlights and shades for shadow,

load up the palette then you’re good to go,

Find your scene that makes your heart grow

and feel and move and paint with the flow!

The hills of our homeland are on fire, and even mighty homeland security officers and firefighters succumb to the inferno, must be time to chase windmills! Looking past this for a better future!

I hope you have enjoyed your aural and visual journey. Maybe you found Something (Else) Completely Different to brighten your day, or better yet, inspire creative, cultural, and introspective actions and adaptation to our only constant, change.

Please feel free to contact me at

In case you missed it further up, here is some music. Scroll up to find the other playlists.


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