Shaddock is me

For now, that is. In the future, and how I love the future, so full of potential, I hope to fulfill more community oriented goals and provide web hosting for awesome creative partners: atypical makers and other eclectic creatives like me. The following works represent a wide sampling from the portfolio of, that’s me, creator, artist, teacher, C C ShadHead

I hope you enjoy your visit.

Digital Art

LISTEN NOW! My study has shown that flowing through ears deepens understanding of themes and ideas expressed herein. Unfortunately, if you don’t have Spotify, you just get snippets!

Mixed Media


  • fine art optical illusion photography shaddock


And More…

We hope you have enjoyed your aural and visual journey. Maybe you found Something (Else) Completely Different to brighten your day, or better yet, inspire creative, cultural, and introspective actions and adaptation to our only constant, change.

111 ILL Change comin on y’all

just keep the faith

and don’t forget to dance

till you drop!

at my age!

at any age!!!

and draw… something, anything, and try not to judge. It’s good for your health!

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