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This is a slow thinker text. If you require adrenaline and dopamine to focus attention, please dance to Manu Chao’s live show in Genoa, Italy as needed:


_Research study indicates esoteric exploration rewires neural pathways and allows you to reshape stardust

(I just studied myself and found it to be true for me. Results not guaranteed by the FDA, KGB, US Space Force, or any aliens)


We are all a handful of stardust

… and infinitely more, light reflecting, ever changing, hosts to billions, making energy, electricity, heat, warmth, setting tiny rivers and storms in motion with each breath, energy connected in the mind and behind the mind and layered over what we see, flying through invisible wormholes spiraling endlessly inward and outward, as we fold inward toward our experiential and developmental matrix, outwardly sensing the clues we see here as a fractal representation of all, but what is all if all must be simultaneously bounded and unbounded? Moebius strips, black holes, worm holes, and fractal multiverses, the deity as he sits by the pond in a x times removed dimension, I think the story goes that another deity stands in his hand, blinking universes like ours in and out of existence. And we connect our ideas and find multiverses and quantum crystals, we are on our way… to a very unpredictable destination.

All is just as we are, ever moving while trapped, expanding endlessly into constructs and ideas but still subject to the boundaries of communication based on agreed upon abstract representations of our shared experience within this plane of existence



Let’s make something together (create) as we make the most of what we have to work with (make do)… and pay it forward, since this allows us humans the space to improve our lot in this time space (make better through shared movement and action!)

What does that mean? I have some ideas and try to follow their calls, but I still ask myself all the time, what does that mean? An expanding universe, if you want it, I am envisioning it, it needs bridges, so talk to me. Tell me anything you love or hate, and is it worth it to delve into strange visions? Or am I projecting my desires onto the eye of the perceiver? Is what I am writing now going to affect your perception of my attempts at art creation? Can it not after reading the previous sentence prior to viewing anything I am now choosing to call “my work”, as if it is denying the 99.999% of “my art” comes from cultural influences, family and friend influences, DNA, consciousness, subconsciousness, transcendent layer, which are not really “mine”, but rather, connections and directions of “my” attention. I look forward to a day when I will be able to tap into an exact link you were looking for and help you in some way.

I accept I require intense resocialization in a new and better way. Hoping some new online friends will speak to that if they want. So in keeping with that, let me know what you would like to see, and I’ll promise to do my best. Also, must report that I am so thankful for those I’ve met recently and helped me remember what life should be like. Outdoors, talk, play, swim, bike, and just walk around… ahh like the 70’s all over again for a while there when everything was shut down… seeming blessing in a curse. I will probably continue calling you friend, hope you don’t mind, but after thousands of art students, I’ve seen we all need to be more accepting and have more friends and that includes everybody we communicate with, even through how we emote in glance in passing or a “howdy, partner”

Thanks for listening, and if you are still reading, you might be crazy like me. Going for crazy in a good way, however, hopefully. RN utilizing the razor’s edge to perform home surgery, and if I’m never MC Escher, that’s OK with me, since I don’t think I would like it, since fame appears too psychologically damaging and I, already perhaps, like many of us, a bit insane in the membrane, don’t really want more of that, and after reading about Escher’s home life, you probably wouldn’t either. I was really quiet growing up and read too much but was lucky to travel and see other ways of being and experiencing that blew my mind and left me confused as to why people here didn’t see so many other ways of doing things and interpreting reality, and so…. Visuals coming soon!

Please COMMENT, IF the comment button I am adding actually shows up, and works… as I said, I’m a noob.

May the Space Force Be With You!

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